Dream -New generation information-processing technology for an individual.-

Now, it is said that the age of ubiqitous compute has come, so Mobile and househeld-electric appliances have an indispensable Internet connectivity. And, the flood of the information which cannot be processed individually has taken place of the Internet.

It will become necessary for the mobile machine which an individual has to contain artificial intelligence, to learn a user's individually, and to perform fine intellectual information processing for a user individual.

If a Mobile has knowledge information-processing capacity, the operation becomes easy by laps and bounds, and when required, it will come to teach what a mobile machine should make to a user. And, since a mobile machine comes to have automatically the information which a user needs by the judgment, a user can refer to required information also in the underground which cannot perform network connection, or movement.

AXE carries out development supply of the server technology for the artificial-intelligence (AI) technology for basic software required for Mobile or home appliances connected to the Internet, and intellectual information processing, and its employment, and performs those development support and consultation. We are going to provide a community with those basic software as an open source, and raise the information-processing environment of a new-century.