April 1992   AXE,Inc. was established with capital of 500 million yen
December 1992   Launched the Real-time & Embedded OS "XTAL" on the market
October 1993   Launched AXE-TCP on the market
June 1997   Reorganized AXE,Inc. and increased capital to 10 million yen
August 2000   Increased capital to 60 million yen
February 2001   Launched the Embedded Linux "axLinux" on the market
September 2001   Released the Embedded GUI "Shikigami" Release 1.0
July 2001   Tokyo office was inaugurated in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
December 2001   Nagoya office was inaugurated in Naka-ku, Nagoya (current location)
January 2002   Increased capital to 190.5 million yen
March 2002   Moved Tokyo office to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
June 2002   Head office was moved to Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto (Current location)
December 2002   Increased capital to 200.5 million yen
March 2003   Increased capital to 215 million yen
April 2003   Tokyo office was expanded and converted to Tokyo branch
July 2004   Made a Japanese sole agency agreement with Hitex Germany
July 2004   Made a Japanese agency agreement with Keil - An ARM Company, Germany
September 2004   Launched the 64-bit PC Cluster Linux "axLinux Raijin" on the market
December 2004   Increased capital to 265.4 million yen
May 2005   AXE,Inc. was awarded the "First IPA Award" of the open source software department as a member of the open printing project from the Information-Technology Promotion Agency Japan (IPA) (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
February 2008   Our software "DSP Task Bridge" was awarded the "Excellence in Technology Award 2007 for Small and Medium-sized companies in Kyoto" from Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21.
April 2008   VAR Contract of ARM's "RealView Development Suite (RVDS)"
April 2008   Launched the Embedded POSIX-based RTOS "KINU" on the market
June 2008   Moved Tokyo branch to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Current location)
November 2008   Lanched the "Cybelius Maestro" made by Nickom Ltd. on the market