Privacy policy

Compliance with the Law related to personal information

AXE,Inc. shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other applicable laws. Along with adapting these laws into company management, AXE,Inc. shall plan for continual improvement.

About the acquisition of personal information

AXE,Inc. shall acquire personal information through legal and fair means and shall use the personal information only for the purposes clearly specified such as providing service/product information and replying to inquiries from the information owners, etc.

About the use of personal information

Basically, AXE,Inc. shall use personal information only by persons authorized according to specific duties to the extent necessary for performing such duties within the scope of the purpose stated in this privacy policy or any other purpose notified to the information owners at the acquisition of personal information.

About management of personal information

On receiving the request to disclose, correct or suspend the use of his/her personal information, AXE,Inc. shall confirm the identity of such person to make sure that such request is made by the information owner himself/herself, through our predefined procedures, and respond to the request within reasonable extent. When an individual request does not fulfill the requirements set by law or there are reasons to refuse the disclosure of information, by the Personal Information Protection Law and other applicable laws, the request shall not proceed.

AXE,Inc. shall take the necessary and appropriate measures to prevent personal information from being divulged, lost or damaged and for safety management of the personal information. Moreover, AXE,Inc. may change the privacy policy, when needed, due to reasons such as change in any applicable law or continual improvement related to personal information protection.

April 1, 2008 AXE,Inc.
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