Company Development


AXE,Inc. provides a license for its products, axLinux developed as Embedded Linux; its original OS "XTAL", which is used successfully in the digital cameras of Sharp Zaurus and Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. and the bridge technology of DSPLinux inherited by AXE.


AXE,Inc. has created an alliance with all semiconductor manufacturing companies of Japan, it executes porting of axLinux to various CPUs and sales of axLinuxSDK as a development support tool for the software used on these CPUs.


By offering various annual maintenance contracts to the customers who had purchased SDK, AXE,Inc. supports the development of a customer's software.

Training Business

AXE,Inc. offers the training program for embedded Linux engineers. It organizes seminars periodically as well as arranges on-site seminars at customers' request.

Trust Development

AXE,Inc. offers trust development of device drivers, debugging, etc., at customers' request, as a part of a total solution.