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To spread the use of embedded Linux, AXE provides training seminars for embedded Linux engineers, in collaboration with various business partners.

Training from entry to expert level is available. The curriculums are on a hands-on basis specific to embedded technology and help develop work-ready Linux engineers.

Course flow

Course flow


Introduction to embedded Linux(Entry level: 1 day)

Understand the Linux structure / functions and acquire the basic knowledge that is required for embedded Linux development.
Learning the usage method and operations of embedded system by using the evaluation board loaded with Linux.

Programming with embedded Linux (Intermediate level: 2 days)

Learn the embedded Linux programming method through Linux kernel and user land building and sample program execution.
Along with understanding the GPL license, learn how to read the source code of Linux kernel.

Device driver programming (Advanced level: 2 days)

Learn the device driver development method by understanding the configuration of the char-type driver and block-type driver.
Also experience development, embedding and execution of a simple driver.

Network programming (Advanced level: 2 days)

Understand the system call functions of Linux and learn the network programming techniques where various system calls are used. Also learn the network building techniques such as typical server settings.

GUI programming (Advanced level: 2 days)

Understand the fundamentals of X Window and usage method of X Lib and gtk+ regarding the GUI creation method in embedding Linux and learn the program development methods by using the Shikigami environment specialized for embedded systems

On-site Seminars

On-site seminars with customized seminar content. The venues are organized at customer's request. Please feel free to make inquiries.
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