Feature of Shikigami

"Shikigami" is the product developed and provided by AXE Inc. as GUI environment opened the source for pocket and embedded machines.

We load simplified "desktop" interface and "Nunome", which is well-known handwriting character recognition system. API is compatible for GNOME. ( We also provide tools for development application and customization.

We develop applications, artificial intelligence and tools for providing more useful "Shikigami".


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Origin of Product Name


We named our product "Shikigami" after the spiritual existences that were manipulated freely by Seimei Abeno, an esoteric cosmologist of the Heiran Period. The name "Shikigami" was chosen to reflect our wish to provide a user-friendly tool for the mobile users of modern times.


We named our product "Nunome" after three Japanese Hiragana characters "Nu", "No", and "Me" which are difficult to recognize when written by hand.