Main functions of Shikigami

Simplified "Desktop"

We simplified to operate this, cutting down a number of applications with minimum, for pocket machines to use easily. Now we provide 3 profiles.

  • Mobile phone profile : It can be possible to connect build-in PIM profile with voice call, supporting next generation mobile phone.
  • PDA profile : For the machines used as mobile environment for PDA etc.
  • Appliance profile : This is the biggest screen three of all. This is for car machines and FA control terminal and you can touch the panel with your fingers.
Mobile phone profile Appliance profile
Mobile phone profile Appliance profile

Handwriting character recognition system, "Nunome"

This is handwriting characters recognition system, which can recognize handwriting characters with stylus pen etc with high accuracy. We open not only the system source of "Nunome" but also dictionary's' for recognition.
Address and Nunome
(Handwriting character recognition)

API, compatible with GNOME

This has the compatibility with "GNOME", which is normal API on the desktop machine. And we open the system source. So everyone can develop the applications which can use with "Shikigami" with ease.

Application development tools

We provide following tools for development applications.

  • GUI front end for development application
  • Window manager customize
  • Development tools for soft keyboard

Artificial intelligence

Not only pocket machines learn itself, but also we would like to provide predictable functions and high study as to correspond with the server. We are studying that you can change the interface, which is input information, that it can boot up the application predicting about your action and that it can confirm your schedule.

PIM (Personal Information Management) functions

Standard application function for scheduler, address book, memo etc.

Support CPU

SH3, SH4, ARM, XScale, OMAP, MIPS, PowerPC, x86, etc...
CPU which run Linux and X Window